Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Trunk Show Tuesday

This is another old piece, made from a FQ pack, mostly - I used to belong, back in the days before I had a decent stash, to one of those clubs where you get a pack every month or so.

 I've always liked it, but the quilting was very poor as it was an early effort, so a few years ago, I ripped out the old quilting (it's a small piece) and requilted it.

I like the quilting a lot better now, but I haven't put it up on show because I stuck some binding on it and then promptly put it away "to finish off later".  We know when "later" is,  don't we. 

Yep, here it is. Maybe I'll finish it off this year...  Of course, at the moment, I need to stitch the binding down on the Christmas Tree Skirt, so it's not going to happen straight away...

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