Saturday, April 09, 2016

Textiles in Copenhagen...

Spent yesterday in Copenhagen, including two museum visits - the Danish National Museum and the Design Museum of Denmark.  The National Museum is a bit like our British Museum here, with prehistory, collections from other places (e.g. Roman, Greek, Egyptian), etc - but also a good section (most interesting to me as most different from something in London) on Danish history from 1600 to present. I didn't take a lot of photos of clothes, etc, but couldn't resist this wartime patchwork skirt.

These girls'/women's caps were interesting as well; they had lots of them on display.

In the design museum, there was a textile section, including one quilt in the hexagon style on display. I'm not a keen maker of hexagons, personally, but I enjoy seeing the occasional quilt made that way. 

There was even a little video on patchworking (mostly hexagons). 

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Needled Mom said...

I love that skirt!