Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Cross stitch giveaway

Having not stitched anything once again, I thought I'd change it up a bit this week by clearing out some patterns and kits which I don't think I'll ever make. Today, three kits (mostly) - this first poppy one is a complete kit, pretty much unopened (might have been opened, but never used).  I stitched an Iris one like this and it was pretty straightforward, but I don't think I'll do this one.

This one I did actually start to stitch, but haven't got very far on. There should be plenty of thread to stitch the whole thing if you want to start from scratch; however, I will include my fabric and stitching start, if you want to take over from where I left off.

This one, again not started. I just don't think my eyes can cope with a big stitchery on black these days. It's a kit, though - should have everything you need to do it.

If interested, leave a comment and I'll send the bits along (drawing names if necessary). Preference given to those in the UK/Europe/or who are willing to reimburse for postage if elsewhere as kits are quite heavy to mail. When I get to the paper patterns in a few weeks' time, I won't mind so much!

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