Thursday, March 10, 2016

Where Linus Lives

I often talk about putting something into my "Linus pile" and was thinking you might like to see where I keep stuff of that ilk, while it's waiting to go to the coordinator, etc.  Here, in my living room, is a set of 5 baskets in the bottom of the bookcase. All these contain quilty things - not all Linus things, though. 

Four of the baskets contain quilt tops in various stages - the left one and the fourth from left have Linus things in them; the other two have quilt tops (some with backings set aside with them) which are waiting to be quilted by me or a longarmer when I need them for something (or get around to it). The fifth (right hand) basket has batting in it. Not very exciting!

The left-hand basket has the tops which are waiting to have borders added. 

The other basket has tops which have had borders added - when this begins to get full, I try to arrange a coffee date with Liz, my coordinator. Looks like the Easter holidays might be a time for that!

These are the two with my own quilt tops (ones I am keeping at least for the time being) in them. 

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Sharon W. said...

Those baskets answer an unasked question: why do you seem to spend all your sewing time/blog time on small scrappy items, when we never see any bigger pieces from which scraps are produced. problem solved!