Saturday, October 31, 2015

Linus "Shopping"

Yesterday, I had a trip down to see my local Project Linus Coordinator, Liz, who sometimes runs Linus days which I've been to, but of course also coordinates other Project Linus efforts in my area. One of the things she does is provide a home for various donated fabric, e.g. when someone is getting rid of their stash for whatever reason. Consequently, she has quite a big stash of fabric for Linus projects. Last time we had a "day" at her house, she let me take away some pieces suitable for bodering my scrappy tops, and I've now used most of that fabric up.  I took her a big stack of tops, and also took a few which I didn't have suitable borders for, in the hopes we could match them up with something in her Linus stash.  And so, four more top centres which now have border prints waiting. 

I also brought away these prints for future possible borders, 

and these two fabrics of a slightly lesser quality, which will make excellent foundations for string blocks.  I love when fabric shopping doesn't cost me anything. And I got a cup of tea and some nice conversation out of it as well!

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Needled Mom said...

I'd love that kind of shopping too!!