Sunday, May 17, 2015

Project Linus Day

Had a lovely day today with my local Project Linus Coordinator and some ladies, making some tops... Liz, the coordinator, has been having a series of project days over the past few weeks, with people coming along when they can... I can only make weekend days, of course,  but quite a few ladies have been coming in the week as well.  First thing I did was to put together this top - the piano key border was already made, but I attached the pieces together, extending it alittle, and put the borders on.

After that, I picked up some coordinating fabrics in purples and greens and started making blocks (I shock you, I know) - I started by cutting 5" squares, then did some stack and slash, turning them into wonky 4 patch units, using the various purples to border them. I only got a handful of blocks finished, so I've brought the rest home to finish up and put into a top, to give back to Liz at a later date.

Here's some photos of finished quilts - two huge piles of pieces finished recently either at the days, or brought along to the days. There are a number of ladies who take tops away and finish them, then bring them back - the quilt wiht the green border is one of my tops which someone has quilted up. Today's group made quite a few small things for the Special Care Baby Units at various local hospitals - small quilts with fleece backs and minimal piecing and quilting to cover incubators and use with newborns who have to stay in the SCBU for whatever reason. A few of those are shown in this collage...

I also brought away with me a selection of prints to use when bordering my scrappy quilt tops - I mentioned that I was running short on prints to use for borders so Liz suggested I raid her Linus stash and take some away with me. Excellent idea! I have a few top centres which haven't been bordered because I didn't have anything suitable, so these will hit the spot.

Here's our little group stitching away - there were 6 of us, including Liz - a smaller group than last time I was there (in a way, that's better, as it's easier to use things like the ironing station and the cutting station if there aren't quite so many people waiting). 

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