Sunday, May 10, 2015

Blocks in the House

I've been trying to keep track of all the block sets I have at any given time, waiting to be made up into quilts - it varies greatly from two or three to several dozen, depending on what phase of my stitching cycle I'm in (I tend to get into a mood to make blocks - when I'm in that mood, I do little else, so the block sets pile up.  At some point, I get too many and begin to stitch them together into tops. At the moment, I'm probably nearing the must-stitch-into-tops part of the cycle, though it's not by any means as bad as it has been.)

Here's what I have on hand at the moment:

  • 12" Circular Flying Geese (9 blocks) - waiting for me to need a special baby quilt for someone
  • 8" (maybe) polka dot blocks with QST centres (24 blocks)
  • 6x9" Birds on Blue Sky Background (42 blocks) - waiting. For something. I may actually use a small selection of these for any upcoming baby quilt I need to make, depending on what I have in stash and what I feel like doing at the time.
  • 12" Double Bordered QST unit blocks with blacks and neutrals (12 blocks)
  • 7.5" Wonky Double Four Patch with Hand Dyes (20 blocks)
  • 8.5" Scrappy Log Cabin Blocks with HST centres (16 blocks)
  • 7.5" String Squares (in fours) (12 blocks)
  • 13" Blue Log Cabins with QST centres (12 blocks)
  • 9" Blue bordered Rail Fence Variation blocks (60 blocks)
  • 12" Scrappy log cabins with HST centres and green borders (9 blocks) and cream borders (12 blocks)
  • 9" Brown bordered Rail Fence Variation blocks (60 blocks)
  • 4.5" Brown Cross Blocks (130 blocks)

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Sharon W. said...

"Call me crazy, call me a cab", but the full range of those squares is amazingly harmonious, and I think there is an interesting "sampler" piece in the works. One or two blocks from each of the sets could be joined creatively to make a neat little piece.