Friday, April 24, 2015

Pick-a-theme swap

These ATCs were all made for a Pick-A-Theme (PAT) swap, which means that instead of making 3 or 4 cards to a central theme (spring, flowers, Pulp Fiction, night, etc) each player nominates their own theme, and in your individual group (usually 5 people) you make one card for each of the other four players.  A little more thought and effort than a general swap as you have to come up with multiple ideas, but it's fun - plus you get 4 cards to your own theme, too, of course!

The first theme here was lemons - I found the right page in an old dictionary to use as a background, and that inspired me to use dictionary pages for all the other cards as well - luckily, I had the right pages for each theme!

Theme for this one was Vintage Chocolate (or Tea) ads - the scan is blurry because the vine is a bit 3D so the card didn't lay flat in the scanner.

A theme of owls.

And a theme of trees. This one was a little harder to do because right next to the word tree on the page was a illustration of the previous word in the dictionary (trebuchet), so I needed to do something which covered that up!

And finally, a card for the hostess as a thank you - not required in swaps, but always welcome. I chose things from her profile page, which she listed as liking - in this case, the colours orange and pink together and the Avengers (especially Hawkeye). Poor Hawkeye probably doesn't know what to make of his orange and pink background...

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Needled Mom said...

Oh fun....and they turned out great.