Saturday, April 25, 2015

Block Lotto Stars (sort of)

It's been a few months since I've played in the Block Lotto, for various reasons. Yesterday, I finally had some time and energy to make up some made-fabric-centre stars for this month's draw, and very carefully went through my scraps to find the white pieces I needed for the star point backgrounds.  Got all those made up, along with the pieced centres and realised I totally forgot to account for the white squares in the corners of the blocks - and of course I didn't have anything to match, which means the corners don't match the star point backgrounds (I had to use other white fabric there).  Sigh.  The blocks still look cute, and I'm sure will be useful for something, but of course, they don't meet the requirements for the lotto.

It's not a problem - I keep a bag of orphan blocks, which I take along to my Linus lady who sees they get rehomed into nice scrappy quilts, so I'm sure they'll find a home in time. As it happens,   I was going to donate my chances in the draw anyway, so it's not a major issue, I'm just annoyed at myself for not thinking it through!

Good block for using scraps, though - one to keep in mind for future - perhaps I might make it even simpler to make by doing the star points freeform...


Kathy S. said...

Your fabrics are just gorgeous. I really want to win this month now! Have a great weekend, Kate.

Needled Mom said...

They look so pretty. I love that scrappy center.