Saturday, February 14, 2015

Black and white windows

Another assembled top (or top centre - obviously it might get a border). I am really making a concerted effort to put together all my block sets which have been hanging around before I make more blocks - the only exceptions will be my birds in blue sky blocks, which I'm going to have to plan more what I do with (and possibly buy fabric, depending on what I decide) and the circular flying geese, which I need to take the paper out of, as well. But if I can get down to just those two sets, then I'll let myself make some more block sets - and perhaps join them together as I go along, rather than let them pile up in a silly way (what are the chances?  lol).


Josie said...

I just love the strong tones in this, so modern and it looks stunning!

ruthsplace said...

Love this and the quilt you've had quilted is stunning. (Behind in my blog reading) :)