Thursday, August 14, 2014

Prep work

Today's work, not really all that thrilling, was to make loads of binding, for small scrappy baby quilts. I just took all my strips which were wide enough and stitched miles of them (ok, I exaggerate) together, so I'm good to go when I need to attach binding quickly. I do save offcuts of binding as well, though I didn't have many at the moment, and use them for binding scrap quilts. 

I also turned a number of old, tie-dyed pillowcases into fabric for quilt backings (again for small charity quilts).  I now have a nice stack of flat, unseamed, dyed fabric to use as backs for more little quilts. I hope to get some more quilted this summer - they don't really take that long to do when the tops are only 24" square or so.


Dolores said...

Great idea - to have binding all ready to go. I love scrappy binding.

Benta AtSLIKstitches said...

I cut all my fabric scraps into 2.5 strips: I can't make such lovely scrappy blocks as you do , but I can make a scrappy 1600 " ( jelly roll) quilt or miles of scrappy binding without any cutting !