Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Linus Day

Had the chance yesterday to spend the day at a Linus quilt making workshop at the house of my local Project Linus co-ordinator...  She has a good sized house, with lots of space in her sitting room and dining room, so we were able to set up about 10 sewing machine workstations, which was fun. 

First off, I stitch some borders on a large underwater panel, and then quilted it with seaweed  coming up from the bottom and bubbles at the top. You can just see some of the seaweed lines in the photo below - unfortunately, the finished quilt photo doesn't really show them. 

But it still looks cute. 

Here are a couple of other quilts folks made - I think there were about 10 total, including a handful of small ones for the Special Care Baby Unit, which were largely simple quilts backed in fleece, with minimal quilting, in case they were going to babies with sensitive skin...

It was a fun day with a bunch of other stitchers - she's having a few more over the next few weeks, and there's one other day I might be able to pop in - so watch this space!

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Needled Mom said...

It looks like a fun time and the results are so rewarding.