Thursday, May 29, 2014

More de-stripping

My scrapbusting project this week (amidst other, non-sewing things) has been to clear out the strip bag again (or at least partly). 

It wasn't full, precisely, but there was a lot of stuff in there, as you can see from this picture of it all spread out on the table.

Rather than just make strippy squares, I decided to make the strip blocks measure 6x9, and add a wider contrast strip down one side - I don't have a ready selection of 3.5" strips, so I pulled out my box of multicoloured prints in small pieces, many of which I have a hard time incorporating into things, and cut some strips off them in order to finish off the blocks.

I thinned that box out a little (there's still plenty there, but I did get rid of some of the harder to use pieces)

and got rid of a lot of strips - these are the ones that were too short to use - less than 6.5" long.

And these are what's left of the longer strips - not a lot, at least, not compared to what was in there.  And, I have 50,  9" square blocks to make up into quilts.  (50 is a versatile number as I can do two lots of 5x5 blocks or  one 4x5 and one 5x6. Or something else, and have some leftover!)

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ruthsplace said...

These look like fun!