Thursday, December 29, 2011

Seasonal Cross-stitches

You've all put up with my progress (or lack-thereof) updates on the Christmas angels, so I thought at this point, it was important to show that I do actually finish some seasonal cross-stitch projects - some Christmasy, some simply wintery... The snow scene above is one of my favourites - I like the border a lot. 

This one, I'm fond of as well, and I'll tell you, there was a LOT of snow to be stitched in this one, especially considering that it's actually quite a small piece. 

Not as much as in this "Noel" piece, though.  When I picked this one to buy, I really debated over one which said "Christmas" which I also really liked, but in the end, I just couldn't face all that snow.

This one, which I did last year, was very quick to stitch - it's just a few words and some baubles - but very effective, nonetheless, I think. 

And this alphabet with the word "Snow" highlighted is a little older, but again, a quick one to stitch.  These days, I tend to go for this sort of piece more than the older, more indepth, detailed pieces like the dratted angels.

And this one was even quicker as it was stitched by a friend and given to me as a Christmas present last year...  

Next year, I may not be able to add the angels to the list, but the winter piece I am working on at the moment should be good for hanging!


Lynne said...

Where do you find space to put them all?

Needled Mom said...

Beautiful pieces. What a joy it must be to display them at Christmas.

Kandi said...

Aww they are all stunning! I especially love the first and last ones. If you run out of space to display they you can take them out of the frames and make Christmas Cushions out of them.
Kandi x