Tuesday, July 09, 2019

ATC Tuesday

These cards were for a different kind of swap than I've done before - similar to the "trash" swaps, where someone sends you some items and you have to use them. But this time, all the players sent in three sets of five bits of "trash" to the hostess, who then sent them out to other. You had to use all of the trash (or part of all of it) on the card you made for the person, who then got a card back made with their own "trash". It was fun, though a little challenging.  Here, I got two letters, a paper sleeve from a ball of yarn, a little image of a mouse, the flowers and the yarn.  The other stuff, I added from my stash.

This one I actually used the back of some of the items sent (this was allowed within the rules). I got the image of the girl, the flowers were from a bigger image, the 2/3 was from a piece of scrap paper sent, and the other two things were made from backs of other items - I can't remember what the fronts were - but the path was a thick black sticker - maybe a figure 8?

This one was easier - the stamp was one of the items, and it was great. Also, a dictionary page, some glittery paper, a bit of music paper and a bit of sheer fabric you can't really see in the photo (which coevers the music paper star). 

This was a card made for the hostess, using leftover bits and pieces from the trash I received.

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