Sunday, May 23, 2010

Maths pillows

Yep, that's the excitement of my sewing day - covering some cushions with a mathematical-shape-themed fabric (question: who makes this fabric and why?). Ok, to be fair, I did do a few other things - I made binding for my arty quilt and attached it - I will sew it down later this week while watching telly, etc.

And I cut out the next house (just the paper bit) in the row of canal houses, with a hope of starting it later this week as well. I pulled out some fabric for the water, too, though I haven't sewed anything yet. Not sure what I'm doing with this one, but thought I'd start with a little wavy water (going to sew the pieces together in curves).

And that was it - lots of free time today, but mostly, I just sat in the sun and read. Because who knows how many days there will be to do just that?


Kathy said...

Everybody needs a few days to just sit in the sun and read. Glad you finally got some. When you come here, it will no doubt be way too hot for sitting in the sun!

Kathy said...

I forgot to ask: Why were you making pillows with maths on them?

mumzy said...

Cute math pillows. Once in a while, we have to take a break and just sit in the sun and read.