Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Round Robin Tuesday

Three sets of round robin cards where I sent out a starter to someone, who worked on it, then sent it to a third person to finish. Sometimesyou have a pretty good idea how these will end up, other times, it's much more vague.

I like to use up bits and pieces in making my cards - reduce, reuse, recycle is a theme even in my art.  The background for these cards came from an envelope - hence the tape across the middle - I couldn't cut three whole backgrounds from the envelope.

These are also a bit recycled - the pink and white stripes came from a little paper bag, maybe from a card shop. 

And actually, these are an example of reusing as well, as the background came from a poster/print we were given free in an independent shop - Liv liked the top of the poster, but was going to discard the bottom part... hey presto: instant card background.

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