Tuesday, January 22, 2019

ATC Tuesday

This was a different kind of swap, and really fun. The hostess sent us a bunch of greeting card (used ones) - or rather, the fronts. Our challenge was to make ATCoins from them.  I've included my finished coins, but also, the circles I punched from the cards (they are 2.5") and the original card.  We had to have enough of the original card showing for it to be recogniseable, but that was it.

These first two came from quite a religious card, and as I'm not very religious, I adapted them.

These two came from a card which was just pink (everyone got one card which was a solid colour - presumably the back of a card in this instance). 

This one came from a cute bunny card (I'm not huge on cute, so I altered it). 

This one was a really shiny card. 

And finally, we all got a Christmas card, which we were challenged to use in a non-Christmassy way. I turned mine into an underwater scene.  Fun!

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