Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Block sets - March update

Here's another monthly update of my progress on working on my block sets. As we head into March, this is what I have waiting around. 

In February, these sets were used, made into tops: 
  •  8.5" aqua Roman stripe blocks (30) - made into two tops
  • 8" rail fence variation blocks (49) - I used 36 of these in one top, the others are still waiting (22)
  • 8" brown, pink, red bordered Red Riding Hood blocks (20)

And I sort of added a set this month - or rather, I transformed part of one set into another:

  • 34  of the 4" 3 patch blocks turned into bordered blocks, all bordered with novelty or multicolour prints. these will make 2 small tops, with two leftover blocks

Here's what's in my block stash now: 

 6.5x8.5" rectangular log cabin blocks (90)
  8" rail fence variation blocks (48)
8" string blocks (90);
8.5" batik chunky pinwheels (18)
6x9" birds on blue sky background (42)
4" 3 patch blocks (2 squares, one rectangle) (121) - these will almost certainly have something else done to them before being used;
12" circular flying geese blocks (9)
4.5" Christmas four patch (84)
8" novelty bordered 3 patch blocks (34)

Here's what my collection looked like last month:

1 comment:

Christa said...

I love those flying geese in a circle. Great job! i have already found that pattern and will attempt it hopefully soon. It will be a challenge for me though.
Thanks to your response I have bought the pattern of the Advent calendar and are making great progress. It gave me an incredible idea and I can't wait to follow through ... if there only was enough time. I will post on my blog and let you know if I have something worth showing.
Thanks for your inspirations!