Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Block sets - February 2017

I showed the block sets I have waiting around to be worked on in January (admittedly, not at the beginning of January, but at the point I showed them, I hadn't done anything with them yet in 2017) - so here's an update for February of what I have waiting around to be worked on.

These two sets were used, made into tops: 
  •  7" neutral bordered wonky 4 patch blocks (36)
  •  6.5" scrappy rail fence blocks (48)

And I didn't add any sets this month, so there are now only 10 sets - though some of those have quite a few blocks in!  

Here's what they are:

Top left: 8.5" aqua Roman stripe blocks (30)
Top right small pics (upper):  8" brown, pink, red bordered Red Riding Hood blocks (20); 6.5x8.5" rectangular log cabin blocks (90)
Top right small pics (lower):  8" rail fence variation blocks (33); 8" string blocks (90);
Bottom left:  8.5" batik chunky pinwheels (18)
Bottom right small pics (upper): 6x9" birds on blue sky background (42);  4" 3 patch blocks (2 squares, one rectangle) (155) - these will almost certainly have something else done to them before being used;
Bottom right small pics (lower): 12" circular flying geese blocks (9); 4.5" Christmas four patch (84)

Here's what my collection looked like last month:

1 comment:

Plum Cox said...

*Only* ten sets!!!

There speaks a dedicated patchworker! I'm feeling guilty that I haven't made anything lovely with the blue scraps that you kindly sent me last fact, my scraps are getting out of control. Will have to produce some scrappy blocks and make sets!