Saturday, August 22, 2015

Scraps/more I-spy

A load of scraps for the scrap basket/strip bag/squares drawers, from cutting the I-spy blocks. I decided to cut all the novelties into 5" squares - what I don't use in actual I-spy blocks will go in the 5" square drawer, for easy access later. That's the small pile at left in this photo.  Two piles of strips - one in random widths - what was left if I cut strips from a small piece of fabric - and one in 2.5" strips - the extras from the pieces I actually used in the blocks. And finally, a pile for the scrap basket of offcuts in various sizes. Easy to see how scraps generate themselves when you do pretty much any project!

And here are two more stacks of I-spy blocks, waiting to be assembled - one has 12 blocks, one has 15. So there will be blocks for two more I-spy tops. They always go down well with kids.  At some point in the near(ish) future, I'm going to do something similar with other novelties - girly ones, or maybe just some general, mixed ones. 

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