Sunday, July 05, 2015

Hawaiian Project Update

Well, a morning of sewing and I have now got all the component blocks for this project made! Here they are all stacked next to one another.

The next step will be to stitch them into blocks - one long rectangle with 3 smaller ones - some will have this configuration - the long block has Hawaiian shirt centre and outside and only one of the small blocks has Hawaiian shirt print on the outside round.

The others will have the opposite configuration, with the long block having non-Hawaiian in the centre and outside and then two of the smaller blocks having Hawaiian outsides. All the block units have only two fabrics - one Hawaiian shirt and one something else. Most of the something else fabrics are tonal or have small prints, so they read closer to solid. This should help tone the busy-ness down a bit.

And finally, here's what's heading for the scrap bag today - mostly strips, due to the nature of what was left to cut. 

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Needled Mom said...

Those blocks are going to make up nicely into quilts.