Monday, December 01, 2014

Beginning to look like Christmas?

I'm not one of these people who decorates much for Christmas in advance of the fact - our tree goes up a max of 2 weeks before (this year, it's going to be the 14th) but of course, there are some things which come out beforehand... the advent calendar of course, and just a few other things, like replacing a few of the pictures on the wall with some seasonal cross-stitches (some simply wintery, some more Christmassy)

(this one was a gift; the others are all ones I've stitched myself)

And there are a few other things - this Christmas cushion, from a secret santa exchange some years ago, for instance...

and the Christmas quilt, which I want to use for longer than just a few weeks, but not for the whole year.  There is also a set of lovely, appliqued Christmas placemats which I love, but which are too nice to use... Maybe a photo of them later in the month!

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Angela said...

love all of the seasonal stitchery hanging in your house. Our house is going to remain very unfestive this year. We don't have a tree and as we're away at christmas and are planning to move at some point next year we've decided not to get anything christmassy as it'll be more stuff to pack and move :(..... maybe next year :)