Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Cross Stitch Update

Lots of variety this week... I started stitching the cross-stitch kit of the little girl which I picked up at the Great Northern Quilt Show - haven't made a huge amount of progress, but in this centre section, there's a lot of counting and changing, so it doesn't go quickly...

When I went to my little quilt group this week, I didn't want to have the effort of something which has to be counted over and over, so I took along the sheep to work on over the course of that evening - the progress is all on the right side of the design.

And finally, I can't really show this piece, so it's only a teaser... I've signed up to the Something Wicked Hallowe'en Mystery from SamSarah designs (via The Patchwork Rabbit). This is, as the title may imply, a Hallowe'en mystery, in three parts. The pattern asks that you not publish pictures on the internet of your stitching until it's finished (the mystery), but I don't think this tiny tease really gives much away... However, I won't be able to show overall progress on this one, which is a little annoying!  But I'm having fun stitching it regardless, and shall show it off as soon as the mystery is concluded, even if my stitching isn't itself concluded!

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Needled Mom said...

Those sheep are so cute. Looking forward to the big reveal on the Halloween project.