Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cross stitch progress

Amazing how different the piece looks in different light...  Anyway. I have now completed the first three sections of this - I am caught up to what I have received in the post.

Here's how it looked last week:

So you can see there was quite a lot of work done on it - nice to be able to say that about something in my life!

However, I'm now going to put it away for a few weeks (even if I do get another installment of the pattern) while I work on seasonal stuff. I have started one seasonal piece (or rather, picked up where I left off last year, in February, when I tired of winter) - one which just says "winter" and isn't Christmassy, particularly, so I will carry on with that one until it's done. Probably.

I'm nearly finished with the triptych of birds I've been working on (probably only two evenings, possibly even one if I have a long block of stitch time), so I'm going to finish that before I pull out the other seasonal cross-stitch (yes, for those of you who follow this blog regularly, I am talking about my Christmas Nemesis, the Angels).  What I should do before I start on them this year is check to make sure I have all the reds I need before I start.  Maybe I will do that later this week, and really get organised.

I don't expect to finish it this year (there's still a lot of stitching to come) but it would be nice to make some progress, I think.  Of course, who knows what I would do if I ever actually finished them!  I do have several other Christmas patterns knocking about though, so I'm sure I'd find something to fill the space and time...


Needled Mom said...

You made good progress this time. It looks so nice.

Lynne said...

Bring on the Angels!